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Jake Paul tells Conor McGregor to "get some help" after fight call-out


Jake Paul has brutally told Conor McGregor to "get some help" after the UFC legend opened the door to fighting him.

YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul repeatedly called for a fight against McGregor when he first ditched his internet fame for a career in the ring. Paul has performed a U-turn on the potential fight in recent months but McGregor raised eyebrows by welcoming the fight having previously distanced himself from it in the past.

"The YouTube nerds could be like, I would consider that a nixer. Your uncle’s friend needs a f****** radiator fitted in his house, so you’ll do a side job, and get side pay. I would consider them guys to be nixers. If I was to pick one out of them, I would say KSI, he has a big name in the UK," McGregor told SneekPeakTV.

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Paul seemingly has no interest in fighting for McGregor for now as the Irishman is locked into a UFC contract ahead of his likely return against Michael Chandler later this year. "Conor you fell off. Get some help man and then get back in that cage to try and finish your contract. Then say my name. Until then you know you don't control a damn thing to do with your fights," Paul tweeted.

Paul extended his record to 9-1 with a KO win against unknown boxer Ryan Bourland earlier this month and he is back in the ring on July 20 for a mega-fight against ring legend Mike Tyson. McGregor reacted to the surprise fight announcement by saying: "Oh jeez. It's a bit strange, you know. My interest is low. I don't know. I don't understand it. I wish well for Mike. I hope Tyson takes his nose off."

When asked about a potential fight against Paul or his brother Logan, McGregor added: "I’m sure at some stage, I’m sure at some stage. You know, we’ll go through all of these guys. [Tommy] Fury called me out yesterday, and he beat Jake and he fought KSI so it’s just like another little world isn’t it?”

No date or event has been announced for McGregor's comeback fight against Chandler, but both men are pushing for it to take place at UFC 303 on June 29. McGregor hasn't fought since breaking his leg against Dustin Poirier almost three years ago and is without a win since January 2020.

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