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Jake Paul posts clear Mike Tyson update amid Mike Perry rumours


Amid swirling rumors of a potential bout with bare-knuckle boxer Mike Perry, Jake Paul's unwavering commitment to his original plan of facing Mike Tyson remains firm, reassuring his fans and combat sports enthusiasts.

After experiencing an ulcer flare-up before a flight, the fight between Paul and Tyson, originally scheduled for July 20, was postponed and moved to November 15. But Happy Punch promotions and other combat sports outlets reported that Paul's camp told them that he would fight Perry on the original Tyson date.

Happy Punch unveiled a fight poster showcasing images of Paul and Perry, announcing that their bout was scheduled for July 20. The influencer boxing company gained recognition for organizing matches such as Logan Paul versus Dillon Danis and Jake Paul versus Andre August.

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Following the announcement, Paul cryptically tweeted, "I smell victory," seemingly confirming the news. But, he later clarified his intentions, affirming his commitment to the rescheduled plan of facing Tyson in their live streamed professional contest at AT&T Stadium on Netflix.

Neither Jake nor Perry commented on the potential matchup on social media, as they usually do when a fight is announced. Instead, Paul went on X and wrote, "I am fighting Mike Tyson on Netflix, and I will get the W." Paul's declaration garnered over 200 comments 1,000 likes within an hour. Most comments expressed skepticism about the Tyson fight ever materializing, citing concerns about Tyson's age.

One fan commented, "I rock with you Logan but we want you to fight an active fighter," while another remarked, "By the time you fight Tyson will be almost 60." Accusations were also directed at Paul for allegedly cherry-picking his opponents. Another boxing fan commented, "Thank you for confirming you didn't want the Mike Perry fight," while another expressed apathy, stating, "I really don’t think anyone cares anymore."

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Mike Tyson and Jake Paul fight in November (

Most Valuable Promotions, co-owned by Paul since 2021, reiterated their commitment to the Tyson fight by retweeting Paul's statement. They have actively promoted the event through written tweets, promotional images, and polls. Tyson also chimed in just two days before the promotional imagery was released, confirming his participation in the rescheduled event. “Different date, same fate. I’m going to knock out Jake Pau.," said Tyson in a video uploaded to his personal Instagram.

The age gap between Tyson and Paul has raised concerns among fellow boxers, medical professionals, and fans. Tyson, who will be 58 years old by the time of the fight in Dallas, celebrates his birthday on Jun 30. In contrast, Paul will be 27 years old. Many have expressed worries about the potential risks of such a significant age difference between the two fighters.

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