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Boxing fans use Tyson Fury's real name to hit out at "delusional" fighter


Tyson Fury has been mocked by fans who used his real name after he called his Oleksandr Usyk fight "easy" despite losing.

The Brit came up short in his efforts to try and become the first undisputed heavyweight world champion in 25 years when he lost to Usyk last month. Fury was in control of the first half of the fight but Usyk turned the course to almost KO Fury in the ninth round before winning on points.

Fury has maintained that he didn't lose the fight after rewatching it and is confident he will get the better of Usyk in their rematch, which was set for October but will now take place on December 21. Fans have now used Fury's real first name, Luke, to criticise the "delusional" assessment of his defeat.

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"Luke, you weren't having fun in there. You were getting busted up and bouncing all over the ring. Yelling ‘Happy New Year’ at the end of the fight. That middleweight beat your a** ass you’re embarrassed," one comment read. "Fury is so delusional and he’s surrounded by yes men and gaslighters. So I guess this is what he’ll be gaslighting the fans with," a second user put.

"Middleweight 40 pounds lighter, seven inches shorter in reach and six inches shorter in height still beat you. Calling him an immature boxer 'Happy New Year' everyone," a third user added. That's what happens when you live the life he's living. The fight was a of it. Having talent, f****ng around, losing focus, fall down, no consistency," a final user commented.

Fury played down retirement talk after he was spotted hitting the deck whilst worse for wear on a night out in Morecambe earlier this month. The former heavyweight champion likened Usyk to a novice boxer despite the Ukrainian beating him and pinpointing where he went wrong in the fight.

"People said he's hard to hit, I was lighting him up with four-punch combinations and laughing at him. My problem was I probably had too much fun. It was too easy. It was like I was in there with a local amateur boxer. I was enjoying it too much, messing around and paid the ultimate price in round nine," he added.

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